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    Sheckler Tattoo
    Dec 18th, 2008 / quote / 63.138.*.5*
    uploaded image
    Does anyone know the Font used for Ryan Sheckler's tattoo on his back? My son wants one with the same lettering. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Apr 29th, 2009 / quote / 71.38.*.4*
    it isnt a font. jime litwalk, a very very famous a great tattoo artist did that. and wouldnt use a font on a tattoo unless the client was absolutely dead set on it.

    gogle jime litwalk he doesnt do lettering that much. for a fee i can match that lettering up for you, if you like it paypay me like $30.00 then take it to a tattoo artist. (i would do it but im not in the area unless you are in albuquerque) but i can match almost any lettering,
    Apr 29th, 2009 / quote / 71.38.*.4*
    oh email me at and tell me the name
    Jan 4th, 2010 / quote / 208.193.*.1*
    To vampire 1974- i would like you to match that lettering up for me just to give me an idea. just e-mail me at and the name i would like it to be is MONRREAL. please get back to me asap
    Jun 8th, 2010 / quote / 99.199.*.4*
    Could you do me a sketch like the Sheckler tatoo with HOWIE and HOWARD. My email is John please reply asap. Thanks!
    Jul 22nd, 2010 / quote / 58.7.*.2*
    Hello, it would be amazing if you could somehow get my a picture of this match up lettering of, BUSCUMB i would be extremely greatfull.
    Jul 29th, 2010 / quote / 67.149.*.0*
    Hey, it'd be cool if you could match sheckler's name tat with my last name, it is MALONE. You can send it to thanks
    Oct 2nd, 2010 / quote / 122.178.*.2*
    rajj84 has been banned.
    Oct 5th, 2010 / quote / 12.68.*.2*
    Hey bro, do you think you could send me TINK is the font like sheckler's. If you could thanks, my email is
    Jan 4th, 2011 / quote / 184.8.*.2*
    hey can you send me DECHAVES thanks
    Jan 19th, 2011 / quote / 114.72.*.2*
    hey buddy could you do one for Lewis in an arch and then Family under the arch?

    Thank you so much for the insight. Looking forward to getting one back
    Jan 31st, 2011 / quote / 68.103.*.4*
    Could you do a tattoo for me too and send it to me
    my name is NOTTER
    Mar 3rd, 2011 / quote / 71.195.*.8*
    hey can you draw up a tat with my last name OGDEN with the same font style and shading as this one? thanks
    Jun 30th, 2011 / quote / 173.169.*.2*
    Can you sketch my last name PONDS with the same font style and shading as his?
    Aug 16th, 2011 / quote / 66.75.*.1*
    Can you sketch mine plz in the same font and style as his last name ADAIR
    Dec 31st, 2011 / quote / 108.67.*.2*
    Could you do the name BARBA and email it to thatd be sick AF !!
    Dec 31st, 2011 / quote / 173.172.*.1*
    Could u send me the font but with the name McFann to . I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks
    Jan 9th, 2012 / quote / 98.195.*.1*
    could you do SALDANA for me please i would really appreciate that at
    Jan 18th, 2012 / quote / 75.65.*.2*
    could you do SUTTON for me please and send it to it would be awesome if you could
    site moderator neogrey
    Jan 22nd, 2012 / quote / 87.97.*.2*
    that happens to be a good business :)
    Jan 28th, 2012 / quote / 67.85.*.5*
    Could you please make one similar to that writing that says SMIGS and email it to me at

    Very appreciated THANK YOU
    Feb 1st, 2012 / quote / 76.172.*.1*
    Been trying to find this font forever! If possible, would love to have this on my back with my last name "HAYS" would be more than greatly appreciated it if was emailed to
    Thank you! God bless.
    May 16th, 2012 / quote / 75.108.*.1*
    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind writing my name in this font too?
    Email is
    And the name I was wanting is "Diamond"
    Thank you for your time
    Jun 4th, 2012 / quote / 108.110.*.1*
    Anyone who needs custom script tattoos email

    Pricing starts at $100 a drawing....thanks
    Jun 27th, 2012 / quote / 75.106.*.5*
    hey can u do PRICE in that font that would be awesome
    Aug 7th, 2012 / quote / 66.74.*.6*
    vampire1974 Could You Sketch Up Shecklers Tat With The Name Flores And Send It To Me My Email Is Thanks It Would Really Appreciate It
    Oct 5th, 2012 / quote / 209.169.*.9*
    Vampire 1974 could you make a similar font using the name Tyler and would you be able to put a checkered flag in front of the name and one at the end of the name email is

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