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    Sep 21st, 2008 / quote / 68.33.*.1*
    Wow! This font practically saved my life, it's perfect! Thank you for taking your time and creating it, much appreciated! :) My search is done.
    Sep 22nd, 2008 / quote / 66.81.*.1*
    Well, if this font is called "anja eliane, nornal", then what Volkswagen TS-Heavy is doing here?
    site moderator koeiekat
    Sep 22nd, 2008 / quote / 193.153.*.1*
    uploaded image
    If a picture says more than a thousand words then what do four pictures tell us?

    RF, I would not worry about the Volkswagen TS too much. After all that is a clone too.
    It all started with the VAG (Volkswagen Aktiengeselschaft) Rounded. Cloned and copied by about everyone. QBF with their dark history renamed it Volkswagen, which started it's life as Softmakers Volkswagen Serial Black, SSI copied it and named it Adera Display, CDExpertSoftware made a (bad) copy and named it Adira Display but forgot to change the naming so it still refers to SSI. The Anja Eliane is the Adira Display renamed. Edson & Eliane took the trouble to change the copyright and naming in the Microsoft Unicode section but never took the trouble to bother with the Macintosh section, which is exactly the same as the Adira Display. As is the deformed lower case a. I have not bothered to look at any other glyph. It is clear from the naming ...
    Sep 22nd, 2008 / quote / 66.81.*.2*
    Thanks for this detailed reply, kk, though I know the font has been extensively cloned. I just wanted to point out that the new name appeared on horizon :O )

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