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    futura mac platform issue
    tara_irvineexternal link
    Jan 2nd, 2008 / quote / 81.157.*.1*
    Hi again just wanting a little advice...
    I bought futura family for mac a while ago, but my mac changed abodes and atm im working on the pc, i tried to transfer fonts over and most of them went ok. I really need the futuraTlig but I don't want to pay for it again. any suggestions?
    I was going to draw it out again and save it to ttf but I can't get hold of a trial for fontographer that enables this. I'm a lowly student atm so expensive software is a no go :/
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Jan 2nd, 2008 / quote / 76.10.*.2*
    If you send me a copy of the Mac fonts, I will convert them to .ttf for you and e-mail them back. I have no use for the Mac fonts myself, but I can do this with FontLab Studio5 if they are in .pfb and .pfm file types. If they are in a different format, send one, and I'll see if I can do it.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 2nd, 2008 / quote / 80.31.*.1*
    There are loads of Mac 2 PC converters around.
    tara_irvineexternal link
    Jan 3rd, 2008 / quote / 86.149.*.9*
    found a good program to do it called CrossFont but it's only on trial so I'm converting everything before 30 days is up...
    Thanks guys :)

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