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    site moderator koeiekat
    Aug 30th, 2007 / quote / 88.0.*.3*
    The Regime Change that art life found for Edward Fisher. By an unknown designer. Renamed to Regime Change 2006 (the year of the creation of the font) to avoid naming conflict with Jason Ramirez' Regime Change font (although ... also 2006 ... lots of regime changes that year?)
    site moderator neogrey
    Aug 30th, 2007 / quote / 87.97.*.2*
    I guess they're refering to Iraq and Saddam dethroning?
    site moderator koeiekat
    Aug 30th, 2007 / quote / 88.0.*.3*
    Or both preparing for 2008? White House?
    Aug 31st, 2007 / quote / 88.240.*.1*
    uploaded image
    Sep 7th, 2009 / quote / 60.241.*.3*
    Hi, My name is Reece Duncan. I designed the Regime Change font a few years ago, and somehow it's ended up on this site. It is not a free font. Someone is ripping me off!

    Please take it down.
    site moderator neogrey
    Sep 7th, 2009 / quote / 87.97.*.2*
    the site mod can remove it. If you want us to add some other licensing (ie, free for personal use and paid for commercial) we can do it. Internet is a strange place - I have no idea how your font is "ended up on this site".
    site moderator alex
    Sep 7th, 2009 / quote / 24.141.*.1*
    site moderator koeiekat
    Sep 15th, 2009 / quote / 79.154.*.4*
    It was me who uploaded the font reacting to this post:
    Sorry for that. But as it had no license restrictions nor copyright info and was abundantly available everywhere I assumed the font was free.
    I suggest that next time you make a font you take care of filling all fields in the naming section and pay particular attention to the advanced part of the naming section. That would - anyway for this site - avoid misunderstandings like this.


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