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    re: Camel Trophy Font
    May 10th, 2009 / quote / 90.207.*.1*
    does anybody know the name of the font used for the camel trophy logo?

    Any ideas please email on
    site moderator koeiekat
    May 10th, 2009 / quote / 88.0.*.1*
    uploaded image
    here we go again ...
    May 11th, 2009 / quote / 90.207.*.1*
    uploaded image
    Here is a picture can you identify the font, especially for the word 'CAMEL'. Thanks in advance for any help.
    site moderator neogrey
    May 11th, 2009 / quote / 87.97.*.2*
    The word CAMEL is a trademarked logo and I don't think this font (if exist) is made for a public. TROPHY is Souvenir , artificially stretched:

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