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    site moderator alex
    Jun 24th, 2004 / quote /
    get a program that unzips zip files. Search google and you will find plenty programs that do just that.
    site moderator alex
    Jun 28th, 2004 / quote /
    copy your .ttf files into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder... or drag the into the Fonts folder in the control panel(the same thing)
    site moderator alex
    Nov 15th, 2004 / quote /
    in windows XP you can just double-click the .zip file and you will see the contents of it. THen you can drag the .ttf files that are inside on your desktop or straight into the c:\Windows\Fonts folder.

    I am not sure what you mean by:
    I can not locate the file under font

    Please let me know if you are still having problems.
    site moderator alex
    Mar 14th, 2005 / quote /
    How are you trying to get to it?

    1. Click my computer
    2. Click on the "Local Harddrive" (usually C:, but can be others too, try them all)
    3. Click on WINDOWS folder, or something similar (Win, WinNT, etc)
    4. Click on Fonts

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