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    site moderator koeiekat
    Sep 2nd, 2003 / quote /
    I maybe wrong but don't think the boydagger means that. It is a font with all the letters shaped with human figures and not one of thjese erotic ones. And I know it is somewhere out there because I saw it a couple of days before the request. Didn't really like it, but it is what boydagger describes. It may even live deep in the dungeons of I:\fonts. But that will ask some serious digging to trace it. Oh I wish that VikingEye and memory were mine.

    Hope you have some time left boydagger.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Sep 2nd, 2003 / quote /

    Ah, but for a gaggle of geese and ,000, they can be yours! [/quote:7d1a35de2c]
    Sorry Viking ... we use real money.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Sep 3rd, 2003 / quote /
    Right boydagger I've done some digging and think I have a possibility. Not ideal I think, bet here you go: Gymnastics Regular.
    If that doesn't work try this.
    It is not the one I had in mind. That one looks more like alligators but then with people. But didn't find that one.

    If the Chorus allows a joke, have a look at these. Otherwise don't bother.
    4yeomonstrum, alphaelfin, Bizarro Regular here at Abstractfonts, or Alphawizard at Typeoasis.

    Dancing Dead (rightclick to save) and Germs, here at Abstractfonts maybe worth considering for when the official part is over?

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