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    site moderator koeiekat
    Jun 26th, 2003 / quote /
    google"rockwell.ttf" Right click here and save.
    Funny though. I could have sworn that funsite was down.
    You could also google stymie. Pretty close. Just a bit lighter.
    Both typefaces can also be found on Not an easy site to browse. But, if tou have broadband and a spider ... go harvest. 22K+!!
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jun 26th, 2003 / quote /
    And even it doesn't have the ever-elusive Albatross italic . . . sigh.[/quote:38258d5460]

    If, 'shounen ai fanatic', the Albatross Italic could be found you would have had it by now. But, I keep my eyes open.

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