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    Oct 8th, 2007 - ... place. I am nice to cats but....... when I was 9 I stepped on ones tail. and It shreiked. No seriously back to the fonts. It seems really silly when the flashy Innovative fonts are free but the boring plain ones arent!!! Wo ...
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    Feb 18th, 2009 - like i mentioned in the other thread. i just discovered another place in Font Creator for putting a copyright and other info.. it was blank even tho i put it in the other place already.
    Dec 10th, 2007 - ... place? You probably will have to wait for W3 and CSS3 before there will be a common standard. And even then, if there are font embedding restrictions it still won't work. Alas, a dream ... or rather, a nightmare. ...
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    4. N/A

    Oct 20th, 2001 - ... place a little note - i like it being noted - an you may give me a little hint when your movies can be seen in the WWW. Have a nice time! :) Ute ...
    Jun 11th, 2008 - ... of Latvian guys in Berlin, some six years ago. Maybe more: my memory has never worked. We were there to attend to a conference about migrants' rights in the EU and... well, we got bored by the second day. We teamed with two Macedonian ...
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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Aug 13th, 2006 - hmm, is there any place where i can download for free?
    Mar 5th, 2009 - yes i see this web but maybe other place or some one has for a less price,,,
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    Solved - Font identification request
    Aug 19th, 2006 - And again, thanks thou Swallow. Looks like I've got the original. Now thrown into the dungeon where it should have been in the first place.
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    Jan 30th, 2014 - ... place with the font. If you know of a way to reach the artist that would be most helpful. My emails are coming back saying the account has been closed. I would love to pay the commercial license fee if the a ...

    10. Hi Alex.

    Jan 3rd, 2002 - Well here is the font all nicely pagaed i hope this is ok I've nevr done this before let me know if it ok and by all means if it meets with you standards please place on your site. BiG Keep on fonting.
    Oct 20th, 2009 - Out of toughts. Embedding never worked very well as you know. Otherwise it would be implemented all over the place - wouldn't it? I gave up long time ago.
    Jun 5th, 2008 - Definitely not the same. Only K and R show some similarity. Felix, why would you want this rubbish in the first place?
    Jun 4th, 2008 - Does anyone know if there is a reasonable equivalent for Steven Rapp's wonderful font Memoir, or in the alternative a more frugal place to purchase it? I love it, but $59 for it at Veer is not doable, at least right now. C
    Aug 25th, 2006 - ... of it. If i remember correctly, fontalicious was quite popular half a decade ago. His fonts were all over the place (not to mention his graphic designs were lots of fun), yet no one seems to ...
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Jan 3rd, 2008 - Do you have the name of this font? A place to download the image or any other helpful information regarding the FC Barcelona Jersey...
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    16. N/A

    Dec 2nd, 2002 - ... of the members come and ask for a font identification, and then leave after they are satisfied. The others have probably forgotten about the board... Fun Facts: The Invader Zim board I post at has 1,526 members and 128,798 post ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Mar 1st, 2007 - That seems a very muddy place Gary. If, one day, your head pops up at the lost and found, remember the place and don't go there.
    Jun 15th, 2007 - ... of the former, so beloved DAFONT Forum: You can pick out only two threads that are typical ;) and reflects what the passionate fight took p ...
    May 31st, 2001 - I'm tired of been searching this font, I have no names :confused: and I need if anybody could help and recognize this font I need the font name or the place when I can download it; the sample text is in the attac
    Solved - Font identification request
    Dec 15th, 2006 - If I don't know it...? Trust me, you guys are the font wizards around here! So, this font seems to be quite elusive! known as Zapotec, Zarana, Zara... I'm still looking.