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    Solved - Font identification request
    Apr 3rd, 2010 - PRiDE (spelled like this) is Pussycat Snickers.
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    Oct 9th, 2008 - ... (manual book), for deciding color and fonts psychology. It is just guidance for exploring my creativity. -- if the clients have corporate identity their self (including fonts) my job will be easy. But it will challenging my creativity ...
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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Dec 17th, 2009 - Apart from the s and o the sample has little to nothing to do with helvetica or arial. What makes this one unique is the extremely large x-height and the semi-rounded top of the stems. To find one like this I would have to dig through the whole lot whic ...
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    Jun 20th, 2009 - ... manual editing of the entire font and those thousands of points that need to be corrected and removed. Beyond tedious yes, but if you want to make that font and would like to solve these problems, then that's what it will take. ...

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    Jan 10th, 2006 - ... Manual available from Hewlett-Packard Boise Printer Division. For a 30 day trial version goto ...
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    Jun 10th, 2006 - you were talking about that font meta. I would like to know if anyone have meta plus or FF Meta to share with me. That is a very nice semi serif font and it is unveliebable expensive. I used to have it and others very beautiful fonts in a special fonts CD ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Aug 24th, 2008 - kkat, you never cease to amaze me :) well, the fact that the font itself doesn't have any kerning doesn't frees the designer from the obligation to do some manual spacing...but maybe it's not a designer work, probably something done i

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    Mar 21st, 2005 - ... manual comparisons. Perhaps now I'll resign myself to cleaning up the letters manually in a paint program, though I've been dreading this. Drenche ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 14th, 2011 - Can someone tell me what the Semi-Pro Flint Tropics logo fonts are?
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    Solved - Font identification request
    Nov 2nd, 2009 - Cool. Thanks. I also found a knock off of Trajan called "J.D.- Closer/LWTUA" on this site. It has the elongated "Q" but had to manual extend the stroke inside the "Q".
    Feb 9th, 2003 - I meant the big E, the semi-transparent E. The one in back of e-block.
    Solved - Font identification request
    Aug 14th, 2007 - I still have my Corel 9 disks and user manual. That font is not listed which doesn't surprise me as I'd never recalled seeing it. It came out in 2001 which may even have been too "new" for Corel 9.
    Oct 12th, 2009 - ... manual space between the kanji instead. If you have anything to say about this font, please e-mail it to Thank you. ...
    Apr 22nd, 2009 - ... manual for a camera. I need the icons usually found on the camera control dials and menus, i.e.: flower, runner, face, mountain/pine tree, lightning bolt, etc., but I haven't been able to find a font for these. Any ideas? Thanks ...
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    Sep 7th, 2006 - Popular are Frutiger, Myriad, Helvetica, Minion and many more. If you want a more unique look try Dax(line), PMN Caecilia, Eidetic or Serus for a semi-serif which isn't Rotis. For a 300 pages resumee I would only recommend commercial fonts, as here ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Nov 1st, 2006 - Big brother who whatches over us all and knows everything says this. Edit: And before you ask, Goto Fontdiner's silverware page for the Featured Item.

    17. NBA Fonts

    Apr 10th, 2002 - ... manual". You might consider calling the team office; they'd appreciate your desire for consistency. Good luck! ...

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    Jun 3rd, 2001 - ive been semi-looking for it for the longest time either... it is one of the few digital fonts available out there but i never managed to get my hands on it if someone's got it, please send it over to me as well
    Solved - Font identification request
    Nov 11th, 2008 - Rotis Semis Serif Bold. Certainly not free.

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    Sep 1st, 2003 - The font on the back side could be one of many. I would gable on the 'College'. For the name the 'College Condensed' or 'College Semi-condensed', difficult to see on that shirt, for the number the 'College-Outline' The thing on the front is just a sponso ...