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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 8th, 2007 - Hello, I am in desperate need of the font used for Love heart Candy! Please see attached image. Any assistance in locating it would be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance. JT.
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    Jul 16th, 2008 - ... heart – and my naive approach to the problem has been rewarded much more than your logical, analytical one - but if you throw on the table your great, massive, technological superpowers I'll be defeated in a second. That is unfair. ...
    Jan 2nd, 2009 - The usual page: the box – in white – in the upper side of the window and below your bookmarked fonts. I can upvote. Great system, the one into which you can just promote a font. And that heart, ahhh!

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    Jan 17th, 2003 - ;) thats cool.. here try "heart" instead of "hearts" even more results...
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    Jun 20th, 2009 - ... heart letters. :) Nowadays, I would not ever put a font out there that is so flawed. I did not know that those red stray dots outside my curves were that bad of a thing. Or that intersecting contours and redundant points were eithe ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Dec 2nd, 2008 - Well, LA is close at heart. I used to live almost around the corner of that famous foundry.

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    Jun 12th, 2003 - ... heart without any monetary appreciation. I do agree with Kane though. I am not saying it is mandatory to tip, but some people are not broke students like me and they can afford giving you a couple of bucks just for saving them 2 hours ...

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    Mar 29th, 2002 - ... heart will consume you too. ~ Will Smith, "Just The Two of Us"[/quote:ae49aebf57] ...
    Dec 3rd, 2008 - With this font, as is, not I'm afraid. The heart is there though, the circumflex.
    Mar 11th, 2008 - ... hearts in it. So "Fiolex Girls" was born, and was probably one of the first fonts with embedded hearts, if not the very first one. We were in hurry (one week later and our publisher would have killed us) an ...
    Apr 29th, 2009 - ... hacker or torrent site I would think, rather than a legitamit font site... No wonder you guys are (in all honestly) a little quick to react a bit coldly or short, you have to deal with this sort of ignorance practically non-stop! ...

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    Jul 3rd, 2003 - Hi there- OK. The first one is Linotype's Optima. Minimalistically, -Trnquist
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jun 13th, 2009 - @Gpumar:WOW..!!! how can I do that by myself... Look at the shape of the letters, look at the categories and think which one might suit. Then go looking. Or, know a lot - A LOT - of fonts by heart ...
    Jul 9th, 2013 - My heart always beats for you
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jun 23rd, 2009 - The font is located on the CD (right), it's used for both The Windows Theater and the songs and signs. Thank you, An Abstract Fan at Heart =]
    Sep 21st, 2012 - Alex, you are God!!! thanks from the bottom of my heart! have a nice day, Boris
    Oct 12th, 2009 - ... heart and vibrant. We are a small Biotech company doing lot of high end R&D work. We provide software solutions to answer the challenges associated with Biotechnology and pharma industry for helping them solve problems associated with ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Sep 25th, 2012 - I really love this heart font. Does anyone know what the name is? Thanks in advance!
    Mar 10th, 2007 - ... heart. my mail is ...or reply to this message with my request..that is..the font. Thanks. Edit kk: We do not send commercial fonts here. Not even to Mexico. ...
    May 24th, 2006 - curles, hearts, arrow through heart