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    Jun 11th, 2003 - ... jar in the manner suggested, just as an "if desired" means of showing gratification, it should not detract form the sites supporters. Again, I would have gladly bought any font that turned out to be the one I needed, but I still woul ...
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    Jun 11th, 2008 - ... Football: a game with 22 men/woman on a field, of which 20 are running after a ball as if there were no tomorrow. And when they finally get it - after all the running - what do they do with that precious thing th ...
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    Solved - Font identification request
    Jun 13th, 2010 - I would like to know if anyone knows the name of the font used by adidas this year, they used it for naming the JABULANI world soccer cup ball, names of players on jerseys, and so on. thanks in advance
    Feb 16th, 2003 - Can someone please help me in getting the font used on the closing credits of "The Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy" starring the late great Lucille Ball?
    Jul 11th, 2008 - Kats and fonts? Stick to the ball of wool!
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 14th, 2009 - ... ball not including subject! (I think its the heat getting to me!) I just thought it would have been apt given the fonts feline'ish name if you would have got it first. Kind Regards Gary ...
    Nov 2nd, 2008 - Im trying to find out the name of the font that has a big banner type to each letter as in in the Movie Dodge Ball the team Average Joes t shirts with the s swirling under the entire word. Hope I made this clear enough Thanks
    Solved - Font identification request
    Feb 23rd, 2011 - ... ball at the bottom. All of the letters have too thick accents. The sex and the city logo is chic and graceful. Notice the picture on top. Everything gently transitions from thick to thin. You need to play in indesign to manipulate ...
    Dec 5th, 2003 - Trying to make a sign for my work, a non profit food bank, but nobody seems to know who made the logo. I would like for it to match, if possible. Thanks
    Feb 10th, 2002 - [url=][/url][/img:d7c138e8fa] anyone know this font???? Ta! SSJ
    Solved - Font identification request
    Oct 23rd, 2007 - ... ball, eliminates that font. Utopia is very close. Any help, much appreciated! ...
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 9th, 2010 - Hi Tophy52, many thanks for the help. I do not think either is on 'the ball' but the Blackjack may fit my needs with a little manipulation. Once again, many, many thanks Regards G
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Apr 29th, 2010 - I'm creating son's baseball team's tournament ball uniforms and I need help! Attached is a picture of the cap they wear. Anyone know what font would match that "A"?

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    Dec 5th, 2005 - ... ball on top of their torso. You'll have it for free! Strange though, It seems to be THE font in skate boarding. Or is it that Powell Peralta, minilogo and Bones Swiss are just a brands of Skate One? Probably. That could mean that t ...
    Apr 17th, 2007 - Stephen Coles has gathered some of the most impressing ball-terminal fonts at this blog-posting at Typographica. And don't forget to look at Sahara Bodoni, Poster Bodoni or Motter Femina. And have a look at Rebecca Alaccaris work.
    Aug 11th, 2001 - Hi, wondering if anyone can help me determine where I can find this font. Client said it was called Eight Ball. In desperate need. Thanks! URL: Cindy
    Oct 9th, 2001 - ... Fireball Network. Dragon Ball Z On this site I would also like for you to identify the font all the way in the top left hand corner. It says Fireball and it looks like Scratches. ...
    Feb 19th, 2003 - Hello All, Looking for the New York Mets font. Specifically the one that located on the hats of the ball players. Anybody? Anybody? Thanks in advance. Regards, Peter Yue

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    May 19th, 2003 - ... Bold. I have to say I'm a little ashamed of myself (it's a pretty famous family), but getting it is getting it, right? And relax ...
    Jul 3rd, 2014 - ... ball rolling producing instant hype as the subsequent collectors item for all Sneaker heads and Yeezy fans. If you end up with a glut when the season draws to a close, add them to homemade ice cream or sorbet, or make homemade vine ...