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    Sep 18th, 2008 - ... West". Any other "look" suggestions? ...
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    Apr 27th, 2003 - ... "AvantGarde Demi Oblique" was close to the match as I still have not been able to find it anywhere...:confused: Cheers! I'll stick to this forum!! :cool: Manare ...
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    Oct 20th, 2001 - ... AvantGarde. The two different K's (and R's too!) are because they used different styles of the Avant Garde, the "Book" and the "Medium". But I had to do lot's of stretching - using Corel Draw and Photoshop! The credits fonts ...
    Feb 18th, 2009 - ... West. Can happen ... I only meant to say that I had seen this before. The quickest one to show was the Melina Fancy, which is clearly completely different from the Nutshell Library, but there are more ... So here is the quiz: ...
    May 13th, 2009 - ... AvantGarde or Century Gothic and automatically apply them to any other font, it's not advisable. I'm almost sure that her fonts aren't the exact size of the mentioned above or their spacing is different. Of course, using

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    Jan 27th, 2003 - ... West Wind Fonts Fonts: 29 Pages: 2 the designer is "West Wind Fonts" voting will be a pending wish for now ;) ...
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Sep 3rd, 2010 - aeroberator (West Virginia USA) will not be very happy with your answer Uwe. It is convinced it is a font and it is free and that it should be given right away. aeroberator is in fact a thingie with a rather short fuse ... it may b
    Jul 31st, 2006 - ... wild-west, circus and the lot. ...
    Oct 9th, 2008 - ... West, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Machine Age, Hollywood Heyday, Baby Boomer, and Counterculture) (4) Age Groups (Babies, Toddlers, Young Adults, Kids, Adults, and Seniors) This book not only explaining the typeface classification and ...
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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Mar 12th, 2008 - AvantGarde with alternates.
    Feb 23rd, 2005 - ... AvantGarde Bd BT AvantGarde Dm BT AvantGarde BdCn BT AvantGarde DmOb BT AvantGarde BdOb BT Any help would be great. Thanks. ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Oct 21st, 2008 - AvantGarde Gothic, by Lubalin
    Feb 13th, 2002 - ... west a thing as a alphabet. they use a system of strokes to denote words or sounds to be joined that in turn can mean completely diffrent words so unless you know 1) what the words you want are in chinese ( be it cantonese or manda ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 13th, 2009 - ... West ...
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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Jan 9th, 2010 - ... west, displays, horror...) on many fonts sites among Abstracts it seems that this font is quite "tough" to find. However it's been used by the HA website itself, enlarged, so it must exist. It has some variants, sometimes disto ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    May 28th, 2009 - The rest is simply AvantGarde
    Solved - Font identification request
    Nov 6th, 2011 - Revival? It never went. AvantGarde with alternates.
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Dec 14th, 2007 - avantgarde extra light?
    Solved - Font identification request
    Aug 12th, 2008 - AvantGarde

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    Apr 25th, 2001 - :confused: I saw a font called Kablam! which was like the font the used to use in the old Batman (adam west) series, would that be any good?? :cool: