Harting by David Rakowski

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    chicken butt
    • Distorted - Typewriter
    • Altsys Fontographer 3.3 3/5/92 Harting © 1992 by D. Rakowski. All Rights Reserved.
    • Contains 81 characters in
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    site moderator koeiekat
    May 15th, 2007 / quote /
    For those interested, Harting is a copy of the Fucked Olympia J, J.B.Thyssen & H. Zimmerman ©1991.

    It is also known (cloned) as:
    Armenschrift (filled e and m) - 1992 D.Radowski
    Batik Regular - ??
    Foxy 1 - 1992 Cambridge Fontworks
    Harding - ??
    Hartin2 Regular - 1992 D.Radowski
    SA Inkspot (with some alterations) - 2003 shellie hubbartt for Scrapangels.com
    tsp pi 1 - 2000 toase (http://www.starla.org/themes)
    TypewriterRough - 1996 Weatherly Systems, Inc.

    No guarantee that this list is complete.
    jultexternal link
    Oct 10th, 2008 / quote /
    Thanks, I did not even know about it yet.
    I think Harting shifted the baseline of some characters some more, and this was yet another font for which the original .TIFF of the scans were out there on some BBS-es at the time, making it extra easy to re-do them if you were smart enough..

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