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    comment view details for free font #16442 On a walk I've done in May 2016 with a friend by the Belgian city of Bruges, I found along the roads surrounding the city a phrase carved on a stone (Elke dag belooft me ik beloof dag) typography was me curious, interesting and attractive at a time to digitize, with a style that could be described as modern and relaxed runic,
    comment Try Bauhaus 93
    comment uploaded image Can someone Help me? I'm starting a band, and we want this logo's font as band logo. Can someone make it for me? The image says ATHEIST and our band name is Toxic Bomb
    comment Hello Similar with Archer font. Alex
    comment Really need to find out what this font is!
    comment view details for free font #16438 Bucanera is a calligraphic typeface with pirate inspiration and ornaments, is the result of the frustration that caused the Russian hackers. ¡Inglourious Basterds this font is for you !! ====================================== Use following keys to see the ornaments, try other combinations with contextual swashes in your favorite text editor (Indesign, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator...): [color=red] [ { [/color] -Initial ornaments- [color=red] ] } [/color]-Final ornaments- [color=red] ¬ | # [/color] -Terminal ornaments- Example keys for name font: [Bucanera# ====================================== This font is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY! • 12 contextual decorative ornaments for the beginning and end of words or phrases, alternative letters, Swashes and other Open Type features. • Look at the attached PDF to see all the functions Open Type and the txt file for usage keys. • If you want the commercial version is available at: Thank you for downloading this font [color=red]♥[/color]
    comment How do i download?
    comment Hi, I want to produce some html5 animations using a webfont that has a full set of superscripts and subscripts. This is for chemistry equations. Does anyone know if such a font exists?
    comment Anybody know the font name of this image. Or this type font style
    comment uploaded image It won't allow me to view or use any fonts. I have tried multiple ones. Any idea why?
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