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    comment years and he cheats on you three or four times, he is GOOD at monogamy! _________________________________________________________ asad
    comment ? Hi everyone, Can someone please id this font for me? I've used the online font id sites like what the font and typofile with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks!
    comment I tried with other forums, font recognition software... Help!
    comment Unfortunately, the codes may also be egr/gbv. We are getting two different sets dependsing on who we ask.
    comment ? please help identifying the codes GZB and BGR. Thanks a ton!
    comment view details for free font #15828 ihsan
    comment uploaded image rokon
    comment uploaded image Hi All, Could anyone tell the font name or logo can download from anywhere?
    comment The font is a commercial one and you can find more details about it here
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