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    comment I haven't been able to find this. I just need the top and bottom lines identified. I'm pretty sure it's a font, since the duplicate letters have the "confetti" in the same places.
    comment ? I am looking for a font with a gavel in it, does anybody have any ideas?
    comment I've tried several outlets, but no luck on this one so far.
    comment view details for free font #16484 Gaitera Ball is a handwritten typography made with very big spherical tip pen and friendly looking, it is perfect for designing eye-catching titles of manuscript style. The source has short ascenders and descenders and proportional capital letters give a very compact appearance. ========================= FULL VERSION + COMMERCIAL LICENSE: =========================
    comment uploaded image view details for free font #16467 Please can you provide below type of font. I need this type of web font or you can also suggest me about similar font. Thank
    comment view details for free font #16483 Just love this font. A very good choice for elegant designer.
    comment view details for free font #14741 Looks like robotic font. This type of font is my first choice.
    comment uploaded image Please give me this font please. Thank Advance!!
    comment ? My own design. Font based logo. How can i modify more. Please suggestion me.
    comment view details for free font #14741 Can i use this font as commercial purpose?
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