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    comment Can anyone tell me the real name of this font ? Please give me this font ASAP if you have one. Thank you very much!
    comment I am needing these two fonts.
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    comment view details for free font #15349 impressive font i have never seen before like this. All the fonts are unique. Thanks Mishkat Clipping Path Lab
    comment people invest a few times to fresh their homes completely. Some families then put up some new painting from Nov to be sent in Jan. The New Seasons meal is also ready from the end of Dec. During the New Seasons Day, people usually do not cook and relax at house. On New Seasons Eve, it frequently occurs to have a bag dinner with near relatives or buddies at house or in hotels and pay attention to bells which shows us of the arriving New Year.
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    comment I am sure that it is " Shelley Allegro Script"
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